An Online Store That Works For You

Get Your Time Back


Work with an Elegant Stitches sales representative to determine items and decoration options. We can find affordable options that work for your organization.

Easy Set-Up


Schedule an appointment to talk with a sales representative or submit a form below with your logo. Determine your production and delivery dates.



Use your online store as a fundraising solution to earn dollars for your organization or social cause.

Custom to Any Organization


Online stores work for any organization whether that’s a businesses, team, or personal brand. Personalize items with a name or number.



You’ll receive email notifications to inform you of orders placed, fundraising credits earned, and more.



All orders are placed online and paid for with a credit card or purchase order. Never collect order forms or handle checks again!

Promote Your Organization


Open the online store to your entire community or organization with a link. Stores can either be made public or protected with a password.



Distribution is no longer an issue because each order is separately packaged and shipped to your address.

Online Stores

Setting up your own online store to outfit your business, team, or event is made easy with our personalized e-commerce platform. Each online store functions independently and allows you to reach your audience through a custom link and shipping. Our company hopes to a create a lasting connection with you and your organization.


Have questions about how a store looks and functions? Take a look at one we’ve made for one of our customers BART CHARTER SCHOOL.


Please review and submit the form below to get started with your online store. If we believe your needs meet the standards for an online store, one of our reps will be in touch.

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