Custom Screen Printing

Creating screen printed apparel that will last a lifetime is now easier and quicker with Elegant Stitches’ digital design studio. Printed products are the perfect option for both small and large projects, whether you are customizing apparel for your little league team or making an annual holiday sweater. We have over a decade of experience with screen printing and we still find value in doing our work manually. Our company always uses the industry’s highest quality inks and screens to make sure you receive an outstanding finished product. Take a look at some cool projects we’ve worked on.


Step 1: You create or upload a design with an item of your choice, then submit an order.


Step 2: A design expert reviews and polishes your logo. Upon review, we will send you a copy of our edits for your approval. For customers placing a reorder, we will not submit a proof unless you explicitly request one.


Step 3: Once the design is reviewed and approved, we greenlight your order for production.


Step 4: We burn your design onto a silk screen, and if your logo has multiple colors, we will burn additional screens to ensure the highest quality.


Step 6: One of our expert screen printers selects and mixes inks to match the pantones used in your design.


Step 6: Next, we print your design on the product through our manual process and dry the ink at a specific temperature to ensure longevity.


Step 7: Each product is reviewed and curated to ensure the item meets your satisfactory standards.


Step 8: We update your order status with a shipping courier and tracking number.


Step 9: We carefully package each item and ship the finished product to your address.